Heart to Heart, Hand in Hand, Song by Song

OMBuds Kirtan

Our Story

The OMBuds ~ aka the Dharma Yoga Canada Kirtan Band

Namaste!  We are a close-knit group of friends who aim to spread love and consciousness through music and yoga.  We draw inspiration from the Dharma Yoga Kirtan Band, which is established in New York City, and we serve in the same vein on this side of the border….and beyond!  We are all at once yogis, musicians, artists, visionaries, and seekers, who want to share the profound benefits of Bhakti Yoga, through the practice of kirtan.  We sing traditional chants, contemporary songs, and even our own original works!  By exploring a vast variety of music, we hope to strike a chord with each and every person in the audience, and make everyone feel completely safe to participate in whatever capacity they feel comfortable…for it is through this musical and creative expression that deeply positive emotions are cultivated, and this is what leads us to experiencing to what can only be imagined as divine bliss.   We would love to connect with you at one of our events soon.  All are always welcome.  Come and experience the joy, and help spread the love!  Om Shanti! 

What’s in a Name?

The inspiration behind our band’s name is two-fold. First, to acknowledge the profound significance of the OM mantra. Considered to be one of the most vital and spiritual sounds, it represents the Highest Self, the ultimate reality, the wholeness of the universe. It is even said to have healing powers. OM also happens to be the surname of the Dharma Yoga family, of which Sri Dharna Mittra is the head. As for the last part of the name, ‘Buds’ naturally denotes the close friendship shared within our group, but just as a bud is a symbol of new life and emergence, it also refers to our own growth and ever-evolving practice. Through our collaboration, we are constantly discovering new ways to convey our message of love through music and mantra. There are truly no bounds to the creative process…may we always remain motivated and willing to realise our visions and share the fruits of our imagination!

“Imagine that you are established in a state of bliss, singing in the hearts of all beings”

~ Sri Dharma Mittra